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Peel Series 


A customized treatment plan which consist of multiple corrective chemical peels. This treatment targets hyperpigmentation, stubborn dark spots, texture and mild acne scarring.

Bare Bootcamp


Previously known as the "Acne Bootcamp", The BARE Bootcamp now consist of a very specific treatment schedule which includes more than just chemical peels. The schedules includes multiple acne facials and a microneedling treatment to address scarring. You will also have a complete skincare routine to follow while doing the bootcamp. 



Intensive treatment that addresses deep acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, acne. Each microneedling treatment is customized to target your main concern. 

Down-time is about 3 days.

Acne hydroFacial


This intense hydrodermabrasion facial is designed to treat and calm acne breakouts. It focuses on extractions, decongestion, hydration and soothing. It includes an acne peel for preventative measures. 

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