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Advanced Treatments



A customized treatment plan which consist of multiple corrective chemical peels. This treatment targets hyperpigmentation, stubborn dark spots, texture and mild acne scarring.

First Appointment $175

Follow-up $55

Final Peel $95



Intensive treatment that addresses deep acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, acne. Each microneedling treatment is customized to target your main concern. 

Down-time is about 3 days.




Acne Bootcamp consist of a very specific treatment schedule which includes more than just chemical peels. The schedules includes multiple acne facial, treatments to help rebuild and strengthen your skin's barrier and guidance to help you get and stay clear. At your first appointment You will receive a complete full-size skincare routine and access to resources which take on a holistic approach towards treating acne.

Consult + First Facial: $250

Bootcamp Follow Up: $75

advanced custom 90


Book this extended treatment without worrying if you chose the right one. After performing a skin analysis, I will design a a treatment plan tailored to you and your skin using any combination of machine and modalities. Your facial will end with the ultimate relaxing experience to depuff the eyes and release tension from your scalp to your shoulders.  


Corrective chemical peel 


There are a range of peel options which very in strength and target multiple concerns.


Facial Infusion 


Non-invasive alternative to microneedling has no down-time! Walk out of the spa without any signs of receiving a powerful treatment. Nano-needling safely infuses active ingredients into the skin increases the absorption and effectiveness by 90%. This painless treatment can be completely customized to your specific concerns.  


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