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Hi, I'm Kayla! I'm orginally from New York but did all of my growing up in Central Florida. I am a licensed cosmetologist of 10 years with a passion for all things beauty and wellness. I have been specializing in skincare for the past 5 years. I have owned my business for 4 years and I recently moved from a studio and expanded into a SpaHouse with the hopes of adding more people and services to the spa! I have been blessed enough to open the SpaHouse in the middle of downtown Dundee, where I grew up. I get to service my closest friends, neighbors and classmates on a daily basis and the Bare family continues to grow. I love to refer to myself as a Skin Therapist because our appointments are more than just facials or beauty services; they are therapuetic sessions for us both. One of my priorities is creating a safe and comfortable enviornment for everyone who walks through my doors. Im always looking into the next innovative treatments to incorporate into my customized protocols. I mostly perform skin revision treatments where I am actively correcting a skin concern my clients may have. Although I am results driven, I take on a holistic approach to preserve the skin's longevity. Healthy skin is more than just skincare, it is a balanced lifestyle! At Bare Beauty clients are treated as a whole.

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