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Skin Care Lotions
Skin Care Lotions


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Hi, I'm Kayla! I'm orginally from New York but did all of my growing up in Central Florida. I am a licensed cosmetologist of nine years, specialized in skincare for 4 and have owned a business for three. I have been blessed enough to start my business in the small town where I was raised. I get to service my closest friends, neighbors and classmates on a daily basis and the Bare family continues to grow. I love to refer to myself as a Skin Therapist because our appointments are more like sessions. One of my priorities is creating a safe and comfortable enviornment for everyone who walks through my doors. Treating skin is my passion! Im always looking into the next innovative treatments to incorporate into my customized protocols. Healthy skin is more than just skincare, its a lifestyle! As a married mom of two (3 inlcuding my husband), I know how challenging it can be to keep up with the lifestyle. Im always trying to find tips and tricks on my journey to health and wellness and I eagerly share whatever I find. At Bare, we're in it together!

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