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Massage Therapy 

Performed by our dual licensed massage therapist Crystal. No two massages will ever be the same because each massage is tailored to you and what you are experiencing at the time of your session. At The SpaHouse, Massages are extremely specific to your body. Aside from experiencing overall relaxation, Crystal's priority is completing a successful therapeutic session for your body. We offer a range of massages to provide relief from symptoms, heal injuries, slow down the nervous system and support wellness.

Relaxation Massage 60 min

Enjoy a 60 minute massage with light to medium pressure with long flowing strokes. This massage aids in calming the nervous system, help with circulation, reduce stress, and soothes sore muscles. 



Extended Relaxation Massage 90 min

Need a little more time spent on your body, this is for you! Still enjoy the light to medium pressure to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension with this 90 minute massage. You'll have some more time on specific areas. 




Medical Massage 60 min

Concentrates on providing therapeutic benefits, in addition to stress reduction and relaxation. Examples include: Pain management, alleviate nerve pain, improve digestion, and enhance flexibility. 



Prenatal Massage 60 min

A customized massage for the mother to-be to help comfort and ease those muscles that are working overtime for baby. This massage addresses many common discomforts associated with the skeletal and circulatory changes brought on by hormone shifts. *Clients must be in or past their 2nd trimester. 



Headache/ Sinus Massage 30 min

Light work on the sinus pressure points on the face, a scalp massage and a warm towel over the eyes to help ease tension from sinus pressure.




Hand Paraffin $15 

This is great for those who have aches and pain in the hands such as arthritis. It also helps restore softness and moisturizes the hands during the cooler weather. 

Cupping Therapy $10

This modality is great for those who are wanting/needing deeper work. It helps to relieve tension, improves range of motion, flexibility, and blood circulation. 

Foot Scrub/Massage $20

Perfect for those who are on their feet all day. This add-on is your favorite part when you get your pedicure. You can now add this on to any massage. This Massage concentrates on the lower legs and feet to provide relief, comfort, circulation and exfoliation. 

Enhance your massage with your favorite add-on

Face Massage
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